Blockupy Frankfurt!

Young Greens are part of the International protests in Frankfurt against the undemocratic and unsustainable crisis regime of ECB, IMF and the Merkel Government.

Terry Reintke, spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens calls for broad participation in the international protest in Frankfurt: “Our protest is a sign of our solidarity with activists and all those thrown in to misery, especially in Spain, Greek and Italy! We want a Europe of Democracy, Social Justice and Sustainability. The ECB and other powerful banks in Frankfurt play a significant role in the European Crisis. ”

“The fiscal pact forced up on Europe by Merkel and Sarkozy will lead to even more recession, poverty, unemployment, privatisation and cuts in the social system. This is the wrong answer to the crisis! We need higher wages in the exporting countries, economic and fiscal policy on an European level and the ecological transformation of our economies. Furthermore we call for the redistribution of work and wealth and the implement of taxes for the rich and for monetary transaction.”, Wandrille Jumeaux, spokesperson of les Jeunes Écologistes explains our demands.

“The authorities of Frankfurt forbid all announced demonstrations, assemblys and flashmobs. But we will not be calm while the future of young people in Europe crumbles in the crisis and the troika’s conditions. It has to be possible to demonstrate in in front of the ECB, because it is the adress of our criticism! The disproportional ban of all Blockupy activities violates the right of freedom of assembly. We expect the German courts to rule the ban illegal. “, Sina Doughan, Spokesperson of GRÜNE JUGEND adds.

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